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Carat Plane Crew Diamond Mask 5ea

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  • MaterialDiamond, Bifida, Fullerene
  • Weight125 g


  • South Korea South Korea

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TREEANNSEA cosmetic is product formulated
- using only high qulity, naturally-derived ingredients
- hypo allergenic
- paraben free
- containing no synthetic preservative, fragrance or colorant


Fermentation science and biotechnology dense and solid natural cellulose sheets made of coconut rapid absorption without stickiness skin particles in the water, essence and was recognized as milchakkamProvide an excellent refresher training. 


* diamond powder particles and fills up the dry skin moist meet essence Moisture feeling and offer a sparkle.

* fullerene, Nobel chemistry prize substance it contains a component of skin care and help in lifting, brightening.

* vitamin C derivatives and Niacin Amide have soft, you give us penetrate the components.

* low-molecular-weight Hyaluronatic Acid, for fermented bipida the seafood is help in the skin moisturizing contain. Moist and healthy, looking into the skin.


Ingredients : Diamond, Bifida, Fullerene
Specification : All skin type
Usage Period : Product quality maintenance period is 24 months from date of manufacture
Product quality maintenance period is 24 months from date of manufacture
How to use : Cleansing after the plane from eyes, face shape up a sheet packs maseukeu be tight all over your face with your fingers after bullet proof clothing to fit. 20 minutes later flight maseukeu a pack sheet remain on the face, I removed the pat dry. by absorbi
manufacturing country : south korea


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 Carat Plane A280 Bio_cellulose Mask 5ea